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Case Studies

The Client: AT&T, formally Pacific Bell (SBC)
Phone Ware® began its call center operations division with one of its most cherished and unique accounts. Beginning in 1989, and spanning nearly 10 years, Phone Ware® was one of the leading call center service providers to Pacific Bell, now known through the country as SBC Communications. Pacific Bell provides local, long distance, toll free and enhanced telephone solutions to business and consumer customers in dozens of states.

The Program:
Phone Ware® was responsible for driving new sales in local telephone service, primarily through marketing Centrex Systems, 800 Numbers, local and long distance solutions, and Data Products. Unlike traditional direct mail and advertising programs that Pacific Bell was accustomed to utilizing to gain new business, Phone Ware® helped to introduce direct marketing service via the telephone to customers at home and in small businesses. Pacific Bell looked at nearly 230 marketing organizations before deciding on five. Phone Ware® was one of those five. The telephone was an exciting sales opportunity for Pacific Bell. Phone Ware demonstrated the telephone sales and customer service skills that helped establish Pacific Bell as an industry giant.

The Result:
10 Years of quality service speaks for itself. From the beginning, Phone Ware® differentiated itself from the competition with superior telephone marketing agents, dynamic scripts and enhanced technology platforms. They received numerous quality awards from Pacific Bell as Pacific Bell added tens of thousands of new customers. Phone Ware® became the number one producing agent in California for several years in a row. Needless to say, this was the time when old standbys such as AT&T were losing customers. Phone Ware helped the progression along on behalf of Pacific Bell.

The Client: Sprint
Sprint has been one of the top 3 major long distance carriers for decades, and Phone Ware® was fortunate to win a bid to represent Sprint for several years. In the competition for long distance subscribers, Sprint has battled MCI, AT&T and other smaller carriers and resellers for customers. Each customer become a valuable segment of the market that Sprint can use to offer other dynamic programs as well.

The Program:
Sprint contracted Phone Ware® to sell long distance service as the primary focus. However, Sprint also asked Phone Ware® to cross sell several elements to the customer including toll free numbers, win-backs and the special Sprint affinity marketing program. Sprint granted Phone Ware® the exclusive right to handle all aspects of the Sprint platform by assuming this $200 million per year account.

The Result:
Hundreds of Phone Ware® agents represented Sprint for several years, producing nearly 10,000 hours every month in outbound telephone sales.