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Up-Sell And Cross-Sell – Building The Up-Sell And Cross-Sell Into Your Telephone Sales Presentation

Building The Up-Sell And Cross-Sell Into Your Telephone Sales Presentation

The process of selling prepaid products is more challenging now than ever before. There are many competitors lurking. And, customers are becoming more educated. Initial telephone sales training has been well documented throughout the years. But, the training to up-sell and cross-sell prepaid products is still in its infancy. Sure, we all know that up-selling is the process by which a product is sold in multiples. And, cross-selling is the process by which numerous other products are offered to complement an existing product. That is the easy part.

Regardless of the products or services sold, from prepaid debit cards to traditional phone cards, today’s prepaid telephone sales agent must become better versed in the up-sell and cross-sell. First, plan the script to get the customer! Then, do the best to up-sell and cross-sell the customer. Maximize the relationship. Become a one-stop shop. Help the customer learn about new opportunities. As technology abounds, so does both the up-sell and the cross-sell. Is it wireless, long distance, dial tone, VOIP or Internet? The chances to sell may seem endless. The efficiency is critical.

What constitutes successful up-selling and cross-selling? And, what elements go into creating the perfect sales program? By implementing these three simple steps your organization can take a GIANT step to improve their sales program and achieve outstanding results.

1. Understand the prepaid sales process.

Up-selling and cross-selling is based on failure. It is quite a daunting reality. Why then, is there such a focus on the multiple sales process? Because the improvement in even one percentage point can push a sales campaign to the stratosphere of success. The prepaid sales process is very product driven. It starts with understanding offers, grouping packages together, designing valuable features, and explaining to the customers why these features are different from competitors and valuable unto itself. Develop a sales grid in order to begin the up-sell and cross-sell process:

1. How many prepaid products does my organization offer?

2. Rank the best selling to least successful products. Any patterns?

3. Tie the products together in batches–for instance, do the Internet cards go with wireless cards? If so, prepare to offer the two as a family package. Do not sell one without the other.

4. Create a “needs-based” grid in order to define the customer base. What motivates customers to say “yes”? What are the two or three acceptable end-results? How does the sales offer guide customers to do what they want to do. Are customers typically interested in a certain element of the prepaid program?

2. Design a flexible telephone sales script.

The telephone sales script should be written based on the skills and expertise of the staff. Not every script is the same because not every agent has the same skills. Sure, every telemarketing script needs an introduction and a benefit statement. But, not every agent is trained and skilled to say things the same way. So, build the script around the agents. And, ask the team to help build the perfect script. After all, it is for them.

3. Include key elements to your up-sell and cross-sell sales program.

The perfect up-sell and cross-sell program can start and end by understanding several key elements. Incorporate these right away. If even one is missing, then the whole program should be reworked.

  1. Ask questions in order to get the customer to ask questions. Don’t talk about yourself. Ask questions that are programmed to elicit responses. When the customer responds to your questions, then you have won the battle. Ask a question and be quiet. Ask a fascinating, thought-provoking question and let the customer become the expert. Also, ask questions that spark the customer to ask questions of you. Capture their interest. Get them to talk, and get them to question you. By asking questions, you can paint a picture as to why the customer needs more of a certain product, or several other products to complement their existing package. Questions work!
  2. Differentiate your call from other calls they receive every day. You may feel unique, but only you feel that way. The sale call is divided into two areas-the initial sales call and the up-sell or cross-sell. The initial sales call is a general call to create a customer. Customers say “no” because they see no difference or value between yourself and other calls. Make your call different. Create this “difference statement” at the very beginning. Once the initial sale is complete, the up-sell and cross-sell is a strategy in expertise. An up-sell and cross-sell usually provides the customer with something they did not think about before. For instance, the customer may have not realized the value of purchasing numerous of the same cards. Or, the customer may have desired a prepaid long distance calling card without realizing he could get a prepaid Internet card as well.
  3. Introduce the purpose-process-payoff to the call in the early stages. Every up-sell and cross-sell should have a purpose-process-payoff program attached. “The purpose of more or additional products” clearly states why your sales call is different and why it is beneficial for the customer to listen. “The process is simple” defines what goes into the action sequences of getting more or different products. “The payoff” presents the win-win for the customer.
  4. Remember, the customer says “no” when he feels a loss by saying “yes”. Customers say “no” to the up-sell and cross-sell because they don’t feel a victory in wanting more or wanting others. Virtually every offer for more products or other products is either a win or a loss. Your job is to create the win. Look at other sales events in life. Choices are made through the prism of wins or losses.


The up-sell and cross-sell has become a permanent fixture to the prepaid environment. Organizations understand the way to retain customers and increase business is through maximizing the strengths of all their products and services. The customer needs prepaid products and services. He may not know what you have to offer. The up-sell and cross-sell is a presentation well worth giving.

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